Zane The Hell Kaiser MOD

Not that while ago, I asked you guys on my Facebook page (which you should totally like now if you haven't already) about what game would you like done, and most of you suggested a character from GX series of Yugioh, Zane.

And emmm, ye, here I am with it! This is my first GX game, and Ristar87 made the original GX game so go check him out! There are a lot of improvements in terms of general look and appeal. There are, of course couple of new decks that I really hope you guys will enjoy!

In this game, you're dueling against Zane, the Hell Kaiser, a character from the GX series of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. There are 1109 cards in the game, and the original GX mod was created by Ristar87. There are some decks that haven't been made in the past such as Crystal Beast Deck as well as Zane Cyber Deck and Cyber Angel Ritual deck which is used by a character, Alexis Rhodes in the GX anime and manga.
I really hope you'll enjoy this one, and as always, like the video on YouTube which I provided below and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already. You can get this game HERE.
For anything else you can go and see it on my youtube channel "".
(IMPORTANT! - I don't own this game. All rights go to KONAMI.)


  1. Hi adiministrador of steel mods'm sorry but I was under construction with a mode soquero zane muinto to warn you that you have done bothered by the way I was completing
    I'll put it soquero warn you that my way is not a copy of your'm from "Brazil" I'm using google translator Tchal

    1. I'm not completely sure what you are talking about, but I've got to say that I, in no way, stole another person's idea. I don't really care if anybody makes a game similar to this one, I'd be pretty glad to see more people interested in this game, and I would even promote them. Go on with making it.

  2. Ok Thanks For incentive !!!!!!

  3. I think he was scared that people would think he copied you.

  4. Replies
    1. link to download


  5. where is the link to download it?

  6. where is the download link ffs !!


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