Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kaiba Corporation Workstation Not Working?

So, there are a lot of people that are confused with the problem that's preventing them to use Kaiba Corp. Workstation. It's really sad since that program was the base of modding for many modders (about 90% modders). These 10% of modders are the ones who know to mod Power of Chaos manually. I actually am one of them and I know that modding Power of Chaos mannualy is really hard. It took me some time to understand some program languages so that I can figure out how the coding of Yu-Gi-OH! Power of Chaos works. But, these 90% don't have a clue how to mod it without the Kaiba Corp. Workstation. I think I had got about 15 messages and emails relating to this problem.
The answer is that Kaiba Corporation Workstation is connected to their website. They have recently changed the website and the connection broke itself. There should have been an update for their new database. But, Kaiba Corporation creator just decided not to make one. So, Kaiba Corporation Workstation is not working. The file extractor does work since it is not connected to any databases. I doubt that the program is going to have any new updates since Kaiba Corporation website is currently working on their new projects (Dawn of New Era, Duel disk). I am going to continue making mods. Kaiba Corporation problem is not preventing me. There is a new mod coming soon (about a week, maybe sooner) :)
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  1. hey, can you explain how to do it? i would like to know how to editing atk, def, etc. i have some ideas for a mod but without any skills like u have to mod the cards i am out of game.

  2. As I said, since we don't have Kaiba Corporation Workstation anymore I am actually unable to explain you how to do all those things. It's really complex and there has to be put a lot of time into to understand.

  3. well, i already know few things and i dont mind taking time to understand sommething comlex. the things i know already is that u just have to change some codes in the hex editor. for example:

    C dark
    8 atk
    6 def
    4 warrior
    3 whatever
    0 whatever
    A whatever
    8 whatever

    and here is my problem. i don't know the right codes. all i would like to know is which number stands for which code.

  4. figured it out already, no need for explain anymore. i just have some trouble with setting stars but i am pretty confident that i am going to manage it also.

    here is my first work: xD

    1. Can you tell me your email? I need to contact you.

  5. I can help you guys. i know how u can change everything without using KC workstation

  6. how to do that, please tell us..

  7. You dont nead kc worckstation you just nead file extractor an hex editor
    but the problem is that hex editor is so hard to use,if somewon know how to use it here is me email,plsssssss just tell me how to change atk def and description of the card or make some video plsssss. plssssss somewon.
    sry for me bad english


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