Friday, February 22, 2013

Install Tutorial and DOWNLOAD for YU-Gi-Oh! Wheelie Breakers (Emulator for PC)

So after my Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Yusei The Signer MOD (which you can download here: I actualy made a new video on my Youtube channel (wich you can check out here: and it contains the install tutorial, how to play the game and it also contained a duel. It's easy to play and I think you'll figure out pretty soon it's rules. The main thing is to win the race, be faster but you can't do so if you don't duel well. You will start with about 15 basic cards. Then by winning the duels in the "Story mode" you will face more and more duelists and you will unlock new cards at "Card Shop". Then, by winning the duels you will win points. You will use those points to buy new cards. And so on.. Your deck will increase with the number and the quality of cards. Also you will unlock more duelists to play with as well their duel runners if you win. The rules are similar to the ones in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and the only differents are:
-You don't summon Synchros the usual way. You wait until you have as many speed counters as they require. How many do you need? - That will be provided above the card.
-Attacks are little different. When playing with bigger monsters like Stardust Dragon or Red-Dragon Archfiend they have a heal bar so if Stardust has more heal line in the bar than Red-Dragon Archfiend he would distroy it.
-Some spells are a little changed to fit with the gameplay. As well, some monster effects are changed.
-Since there aren't some incredibly huge strategies (but still there are some smart ones) the trap cards activate automaticaly so you can keep up with the ride. You would usualy activate them so it is a new advantage.
So that's it! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here: and also you can check out the video below! See ya' then! :)


  1. do yu have any idea how to attack other oponents when yu are taking the lead !!

    1. You have to configure the wiimote options to make swinging available. Then, use your set controls to swing backwards. But, It is incredibly hard, maybe impossible to pull of. Never actualy worked for me.

  2. Could yu show how to configure properly and maybe it will work and explain a little bit how ?? ^^
    Thx again !!
    WAiting for the mods ^^

  3. There is no seeders...

  4. please can you give me download link

  5. Please can you give me download link :D


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